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Maternity Sessions

We have a very large selection of gowns to choose from to suit most styles. 

Worried about posing?  We walk you through the process every step of the way!

We finish off with post editing services to include sun enhancements, skin corrections, and other finishing touches that produce beautiful, flattering images you will cherish forever. 

Blue Diamond Experience


Photography magic where you will choose 2 of your favorite gowns for amazing studio images. 

Then we will finish up your session outdoors capturing the sun just as it goes down for those magical glowing images we are known for!

Add Fabric Toss Image or additional gown: $40.00 or $70.00 for both.

Up to 1.5 Hours of Shoot Time

25 Images included.

Family Images Included

20% off Newborn Session

Maternity Blue Sapphire




Choose one gown for studio & outdoor images.

*$25.00 Discount if booked Monday to Thursday

Up to 15 minutes of shoot time.

10 Images Included

Mom only, add spouse/partner/family for $25.00

10% off Newborn Session

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